Current Chinwag Services

A few updates, and some new features have been added to the Chinwag stable. We’re always looking for new ways to communicate with people, and we’ll deploy anything that looks promising in that regard to have a bit of a play around with. As of now we’ve got the following services freely available to anyone to use.

Chinwag Messaging: our instant messaging service is the primary reason we’re here and isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. Use the Movim web client, or any XMPP-compatible chat program on desktop or mobile platforms.

Chinwag Social: a Mastodon instance, a globally federated social network. Discuss and share anything, find new friends, post away!

Chinwag Discussions: our latest toy, a Discourse deployment that’s more of a traditional web forum. We’ll be using that for support and site news discussions to keep that content local, instead of using an outside service like Disqus which we’ve had previously.

Chinwag Images: Simple image hosting, like Imgur, upload and link your pictures on Chinwag services, or anywhere.

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