Mastodon Deployed

About two months ago, there was a big buzz that built up around Mastodon, a decentralised social network. I was really busy with the Melbourne Comedy Festival at the time, and didn’t get to take a look. I’ve had a look now, and taken advantage of the recent ChinWag server upgrade and extra resources to deploy an instance of it.

You can sign up and start using it here:

There’s currently no integration with the XMPP server, as far as accounts go. I’d really like the logins to be the same for both, if someone chooses to use either one or the other. I’ll look into how to approach that soon if I get time.

Nobody may ever use it and I’ll quietly decommission it in a year, or maybe everyone will get on and discover it’s just what they wanted. One way to find out, right?

Sample Mastodon Posts

[mastodon height=350][/mastodon]

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