Happy Birthday!

It’s now one whole year since I opened ChinWag to the public. As a result I’ve met some great people, chatted with a bunch of you from all over the world in the Lobby channel, and learned a lot about many topics.

I did kind of want to write a more substantial post this week, about future plans and cool projects I’ve been looking at, how to have a properly secure conversation with someone … oh so many topics and so little time.

I’m going to settle though, for just saying thanks especially to the Prosody developers without whom there’d be no server at all. This service only exists because I’d been answering a lot of questions one particular week about how to set up Prosody, and thought I’d take a shot at doing it from scratch and documenting the process. This was the live example that I created along the way.

I’m well overdue to post an update on the changes I’ve made since then, and I keep promising myself I’ll put a full set of config file examples on GitHub too. Nag me in the Lobby sometime about that and I might get it done.

So, here we go … year two begins now. Bring it on.


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