Welcome to ChinWag

Well, it’s been a fairly long process due to this being not much more than a side project, but ChinWag is a fully functional XMPP service right now. There’s more to come, especially on the web site front-end, but for now I’m considering the site launched, and bless all those who sail in her.

I’ve set up ChinWag with the intent of providing the best possible end-user experience for XMPP. Right now my priority is documentation pages, outlining how to set up several popular clients. Also important is a good directory of what clients exist and their relative feature sets.

We have Jappix available right now as a convenient web client. That will stay, but I’m also looking at a bunch of other options, but some of that will take time and a little hacking on code here and there. I won’t be getting too technical on this site, keeping the focus mainly on what’s relevant to users. Please follow me over at my personal site if you want to get down into the nuts and bolts of what’s going on.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do at the server side to make things work better for you.

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