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Chinwag exists to provide free communication tools to people who need them. We don’t require payment for our public services, but if you’re able to contribute we’d love you forever!

Direct Subscription

The simplest and best thing for us is a direct subscription or a one-off contribution here. The transaction is processed via Stripe and we don’t store any card information. We do get information about your name and email address and so forth, though.

You can also make a simple one-off donation to our expenses, if you prefer!


We also have profiles on Liberapay, which is very low in overheads and allows you to contribute anonymously, which we know is very important to some of you. You can contribute to the Chinwag general fund, or specifically to The Blower if that’s where you’ve decided your allegiance lies!

Affiliate and Referral Programs

You can help us indirectly by various referral programs and affiliate links. These are services we use, are happy with, and have no reservations about recommending.

Backblaze Free Trial

There are very few technology companies out there who we feel are still doing a simple, honest job of providing a valuable service and not selling you out in the process.

Backblaze is one of them. If you don’t have a good backup solution for your data currently, please use the free trial link here, we’ve been using their services for years.

DigitalOcean Referral Badge


We use DigitalOcean services a lot, and we’ve always been happy with them. Sign up via our referral link – you get free bonus credit and so do we. Every bit here helps, as this is the bulk of our regular expenses!

Referral code: 2685626

Pretty much all of Chinwag’s administration is done via Aussie Broadband, probably the most reliable and functional Australian ISP currently in operation. Not that that’s a high bar, but they do OK and if you use our referral code, we all get bonuses.