News and Updates

  • Deprecation is a Cool Word

    It’s just so much fun to say “deprecation” but it’s not so much fun to say something that you use is deprecated. That’s not what’s being announced here though. Sort […]

  • Go Hard or Go Home

    Hi everyone! Mike here. I usually write Chinwag announcements in the third person, because I don’t know why. It was a thing I started, and I liked separating the housekeeping […]

  • Happy 4th Birthday!

    I’m just scraping in with about an hour to spare here – I planned a much bigger post, with lots of reflection about where we’ve been and where we’re going. […]

Other Projects

Here’s some of the other things we run that you might want to use!

The Blower

A public Mastodon instance. You don’t need to be Australian to post here, but it might help.


Open and free event organisation tools without any creepy tracking or marketing. Hang out with friends!

Chinwag Code

Any projects we modify or create are shared here, and we’re happy to provide some space for our users as well!